Sensor Chips

Biosensor chip: A scientific breakthrough

Scientific and medical expertise has helped push through new developments in biochip technologies. As biochip technologies are used in sequencing, the key advantages of biochips are their scalability and performance.

What are Biochips?

Biochips are miniaturized medical instruments used for simultaneous biochemical reactions in molecular laboratories. You can use these devices to study multiple biological analytes for various applications. These applications include disease diagnosis and detection of harmful biological agents in systems. Their design is based on microarray and microfluidic technologies. The digital microfluidic biochip has emerged as a highly efficient sensor chip among the two and has gained much importance in the biochemical industry.

The Sensor Chips from lino Biotech consist of a transponder and a scanner. There are two types of transponders: passive transponder and active transponder. The active transponder has no power and no battery, while it is passive only when triggered by a small electrical charge from the user. This transponder consists of four components: an antenna coil, a microchip and a tuning capacitor. The reader consists of an “excitation coil” and generates an electromagnetic field using radio signals. It provides the necessary energy to produce the biochip.

Why and how are they used?

People use Biochip technologies widely in pharmacogenomics, biochemistry, proteology, microbiology, clinical pathology, and DNA analysis. Some people use Biochips for screening analytes for signs of biological warfare, drug discovery, and drug development. You can do this for molecular disease diagnosis and other diseases, for personalized medicine, and generally for detecting a wide range of biomolecules in specific applications. One can also use Biochips increasingly in skin-on-a-chip applications.

Sensor Chips

You will see the use of Biochips primarily in biomedical and biotechnology studies. With advances in medical technology, the use of proteomics biochips such as microarrays has increased. The advantages of protein biochips include low sample consumption and their propensity for miniaturization. Protein microarrays, for example, can continuously display multiple proteins, which means they can process thousands of samples simultaneously.

The property of microarrays is important for proteome-wide evaluation. Therefore, the increasing need for personalized medicine for diseases is making the industry grow. Scientists can also use the Sensor Chips for cancer treatment.

Advances in Bio Sensor Chips are enabling next-generation sequencing technologies

Bio Sensor Chips are essentially small laboratories that function in living organisms and advance next-generation DNA sequencing technologies. This combination can address critical biological problems, such as single cell, rare cell, and rare molecule analysis. These problems are difficult to solve with next-generation sequencing technologies alone.


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Thin Stone

Ideas for the bathroom

Setting up and designing the bathroom can be a real challenge for many. Especially in small bathrooms you have to plan everything very practically. So that everyone feels comfortable in his bathroom, here are a few tips for the furnishing of the bathroom and design options.

Use practical bathroom furniture

If you have little space and want a tidy bathroom, you should store all small parts as well as possible. For example, a towel shelf, a sink base cabinet and a mirror cabinet are suitable for this. If all small parts are well stowed away, it is on the one hand much neater and also when cleaning you save time, because the surfaces are not unnecessarily packed.

Textiles belong in the bathroom

Textiles belong in every bathroom, because they immediately make the cool and sterile room more comfortable. It is also very pleasant if, for example, after showering you step on a fluffy carpet instead of  the cool floor. Even those who are dissatisfied with their tiles can either cover the floor with sufficient bathroom mats or place a stone veneer on the floor. Towels should be neatly stacked on a shelf, or even stowed in a closet.

Thin Stone

The right storage

If you have little space in the bathroom, then the right storage of the bathroom utensils is the be-all and end-all. Sufficient hook strips or door hooks should be hung so that the towels can dry. A small stool can be purchased for removing the clothes. There are also shelves in which you can place baskets. These are quite large, offer enough storage space and the bathroom looks tidy.

Toilet accessories

Each toilet has a trash can, a toilet brush and a toilet paper holder. A small basket or a cupboard can be used to store toilet paper. This looks much better than  the plastic packaging with rolls  lying around somewhere.

Decoration in the bathroom

You can argue about decoration in the bathroom. Of course, it looks cozy, but too much decoration also hinders when cleaning the bathroom. If you still want to have it cozy, you can set up a few plants and maybe a few candles. Also pictures on the wall make a bathroom very cozy. You can also glue parts of the wall with so-called Thin Stone Panels. The tiles are then superimposed by a stone wall look.

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Home design – Creative ideas for your 4 walls

Dry ice machine

What is a dry ice cleaning machine?

Cleaning dirty moulds, machines or parts often causes problems. When cleaning methods such as sandblasting are used, blasting media such as glass granulate or sand remain after cleaning. Now it is necessary to clean the equipment again after this cleaning. This means additional work, which of course also means additional costs. If one decides to use a dry ice machine for cleaning, this additional effort becomes superfluous. After blasting, the dry ice pellets dissolve completely into carbon dioxide (CO2). All that remains is cleanliness.

How does a dry ice machine work?

A dry ice blasting unit can accelerate the dry ice pellets, which can be up to 3 mm in size, by setting the compressed air to over 150 m/s. The dirt freezes due to the cold of – 79 °C and develops cracks. With their high speed, the dry ice pellets can then easily detach the dirt. This method is very effective and is used to remove any dirt without damaging the material.

Liquid carbon dioxide flows into the Pelletizer press cylinder during the production process and the pressure drop turns it into dry ice snow. With the help of a hydraulic cylinder, this dry ice snow is compressed and finally pressed through a special extruder plate. In this way, dry ice sticks are created. They then break into pellets.

What are the advantages of dry ice blasting?

When cleaning, you can save yourself preparatory work. It is not necessary to dismantle machines for cleaning. The pellets reach even the smallest corners without any problems. Since cleaning with dry ice pellets is fast and effective, you benefit from minimal machine downtime. The dry ice machines enable environmentally friendly cleaning, as no blasting agents or additional chemicals are used. During cleaning, the surfaces are not damaged and there are no residues, since the dry ice sublimates completely to CO2. There is no need to expect residues such as waste water or blasting agents.

Areas of application of the dry ice machines

Dry ice machines make it particularly easy to clean production machines, painting systems, welding robots and conveyor belts. Dry ice blasting is also suitable for printing machines, so that all cleaned printing cylinders and machines as well as tools look like new again. Dry ice blasting can also be used for cleaning generators, woodworking machines, turbines and switch cabinets. In the automotive industry, dry ice machines are used to remove rubber and silicone from injection moulds and production lines, as well as varnish, paint and numerous other contaminants.

Various workpieces and parts are cleaned of release agents and binders. Residues of rubber, silicone, lacquers and paints are completely cleaned so that no traces remain. Dry ice machines are also used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Ice Blasters help to remove incrustations, burnt-on residues, corking, starch and grease from handling systems, filling and mixing equipment, production lines, ovens and tanks.

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Contract packaging in line with the trend

The packaging of a product is the means of communication. Once you go deep as a consumer, you will face it. After all, a packaging gives a product or brand its “face”. And even if you don’t want to admit it, the appearance of the packaging certainly has an impact on your purchase decision. Now it is the case that many products are under different brand names. While the manufacturing company puts the production margins in its own packaging – formerly by hand, today machine-like, a part of the production product leaves the factory in the direction of contract packaging companies. This company packs a manufacturer’s goods into the packaging of its customers. The self-packaging of goods of this kind would entail high costs. And that wants a company in which you give a contract packaging company the order for packing of the goods.

Design of the packaging including

Many companies give contract packaging companies the order for the design of the packaging. The development costs for packaging are also enormous if they were to be implemented in one’s own company. We are founded with our own department. In a contract packaging there are already companies with their own department with creative employee heads. The award to a company of this kind enables a manufacturing company that still produces for several brands to concentrate on its own core competence. They also reduce the costs for personal, warehousing and packaging. Above all, however, it is a matter of reducing the cost of materials. A contract packaging company offers its own customer-wide packaging solutions and supports its customers in the development of a very personal packaging with a high recognition value. This, of course, also gilds for companies that do not package their products in their own production rooms. There are very different industries for which a company can operate. The food industry is part of the classic field. But it is also pharmaceutical companies and household appliance manufacturers and manufacturers of industrial products that use the service from a contract packaging company. Many manufacturing companies generally have their products brought in the desired packaging by such a contract packer.


Those who use such a company can benefit from many advantages, For example, the purchase of own packaging machines is not required. For the personal and for the modern packaging machines, the contract packaging company bears the costs alone. This means that a company that has its products packaged externally has no fixed costs for personnel, machinery and premises. For the pay packers themselves, the advantage is that you can have very different industries.

Japanese burned wood – fascinating design

Japanese burned wood, also called Shou sugi ban, has been enjoying increasing popularity for some time. This ancient Japanese technique has been rediscovered and reinvented to achieve some nice results, although modern interpretations deviate from the practical advantages of the original intent of the technique. While it certainly produces a beautiful aesthetic, japanese burned wood may have some concerns. We will examine some of these complications and figure out how to eliminate them so that you get the great impression of the Shou Sugi Ban method without adverse effects.

japanese burned wood

What is japanese burned wood?

Dating back to the 18th century in Japan, Shou Sugi Ban is a particularly eye-catching method of preserving wood by burning it with fire. Traditionally, this practice is used with Japanese cedar to make it weatherproof. The wood is burned until the surface is charred, and then coated with natural oil. The result is a scorched finish with a magnificent color in anthracite. Depending on the type of wood and the intensity of the combustion, the surface of the wood can assume a cracked or alligatoric skin. Traditionalists use only Cryptomeria japonica or Japanese cedar, as it absorbs the heat for deep combustion, resulting in pest, rotting and fire resistance as well as natural water-repellent and sun protection. Interest in banning Japanese burned wood, especially in the West, has led many to try out the method on a variety of wood species. Often, however, these other types of wood do not cause deep burn-off, and the charred top layer erodes and leaves an undesirable appearance, while at the same time bringing with it the pest, fire and weatherproof properties. Japanese burned wood is known for its deep black color. However, a less extreme method is often used for aesthetic effects in places like America, where the technique has been spreading recently. This more moderate form of Shou Sugi Ban produces burnt wood without completely turning the wood black. Combined with a stain, this moderate shape can give a colorful appearance.

The complications of authentic japanese burned wood

The actual appearance of the wood treated with Shou Sugi Ban is wonderful, but there are some risks and complications associated with the process and the final product. Firstly, there are practical complications. The wood surface can burst and reach floors, surfaces and clothing. This can lead to clutter if it is not checked both during installation and after the room is. These charred parts could be chased in a building or even inhaled by people in a room with Shou Sugi Ban. It is also worth noting that traditionalists say that japanese burned wood is not a method that can be applied to any type of wood. Japanese cedar, the wood of choice for Shou Sugi Ban, responds in a unique way to heat that other woods do not have. So if you’re looking for the protective benefits of Shou Sugi Ban, there are few other species than the Japanese cedar that can deliver them. Although japanese burned wood can technically be used for any wood, the effect is not the same, making it difficult to achieve a stunning, durable appearance.

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Contract filling

When talking about contract filling, this is nothing more than contract filling. Wage bottling can be particularly interesting for companies that do not have their own bottling facilities. But there may also be other occasions and differences, as you can learn in the following article.

This is contract filling

What is contract filling? Who needs this process and why? Not so many people deal with contract filling. There are a large number of service providers in connection with filling. However, there are many differences depending on the service provider. For example, this starts with the product, what should be bottled. Depending on what product it is, you need an appropriate infrastructure for it. You can fill almost anything, from liquids to small-scale products or in powder form. Depending on what it is, what should be bottled, there are of course differences in terms of packaging. Whether can, glass containers, plastic containers, the materials that can be used here within the scope of packaging can be very different. Incidentally, this also applies to the size of the respective packaging.

Advantages of contract filling

For a company, of course, there is always the question of whether filling really pays off financially? Of course this is important. For example, what quantities it is, but also about the duration. The advantage of a contract bottling is just, you just have to deliver his product. The rest, namely the proper filling and packing takes over the respective service provider. Accordingly, you do not need to hold any machines, you do not need trained personnel and you do not need the necessary space for these work processes. Of course you have to meet these requirements if you want to fill yourself. Especially when it comes to test products in development or low-volume products, contract filling by will make more economic sense here. And so you can weigh the pros and cons accordingly.

What does contract filling cost?

Since there may be a number of differences in payroll, there are also differences in costs. For this reason, it is always advisable to obtain offers. So you get on the basis of concrete needs, be it in terms of packaging and quantity then a price. If you have several offers, you can see any price and performance differences between the offers. This way you can ultimately save money, because you can opt for the supposedly cheapest offer of contract filling in the end.

General information about grating stairs

The majority of the squeaking events have been reported for one particular THA design using a titanium alloy with a lower stiffness than usual 3. In this system, the rim of the ceramic liner is protected by a metal sleeve, facilitating metal transfer to the head, which could also cause a higher frequency of squeaking occurrence then in other designs. In countries, in which ceramic articulations have been used for long times (e.g. France, Germany, Italy), squeaking of THA is rather an anecdotal event, probably since the surgeons are aware of the overwhelming importance of component positioning. Furthermore, the local legal situation might also influence the situation. However, this squeaking goes away as the articulation has the ability to wear, such increase the contact surface and decrease friction. Since ceramic does not wear easily, the noise phenomenon is usually persistent. Rotec offers all kind of gratings made out of high quality material as steel, aluminium, stainless steel and GRP.Gratings are used for industrial construction, public and private constructions and agriculture; as spiral staircases, gangways and facades. Easy and rapid installation : the gratings can be cut easily to the right dimensions on the building site or in the workshop. As a result, ever better solutions evolve that combine minimal use of materials with maximal stability. GI-RO Technik produces high quality gratings exclusively in Germany.

Unique on the market due to our patented slide-tray profile. Find out more about the light and corrosion resistant building elements. Originally, there is a skylight at the top of staircase which connects upper and lower floors. We took away the stairs, walls and a part of the upper floor’s slab, so that the sunlight can spread into all over the house. Kitchen, bathroom and toilets are packed into the tower, utilizing existing pipe box. With the new circulation and spatial device, the family can create and enjoy various scenes of their daily life. Glass panels that combine into one continuous glass surface on each building side. An English entrepreneur looks for a good production site for his business idea to develop floor coverings which are permeable to light and where dirt and grime can fall through. The production initially focuses on the production of patented welding gratings with honeycomb mesh.

Resistances, implementation of special features to cater to dancing and cycling activities, real-time control of swing phase movements in order to achieve a harmonious gait pattern at varying speeds without excessive back-/upward heel swing and an excessively rigid extension stop, individual, software-based adjustment of swing and stance phase to height, weight and activity of the patient. In this field: skid-resistant surfaces, appropriate cross-sectional design, ideal bevelling and carefully thought-out joining techniques ensure a combination of low intrinsic weight and high useful loads, and consequently the best prerequisites for safety. As a rule, these known and the state of the art characterizing grids are stainless elements, designed as a grid steps and used constructively designed such that they ever Weil of two side plates which are mutually arranged opposite occurs and as well stick a An and consist cross bars.  Here, the side plate is made of two parts, a ∡-shaped bent part with the fastening openings and an attached sheet-metal strip which is welded onto the bent part. The U-shaped rod is welded acres on both parts of the side plate. In the joints, a frictional connection is by welding it aims. Another variant solution of designing a grid element is set out, inter alia, in DE-OS 27 51 725. Here again ver provided supporting rods in the edge regions corresponding to come constructively designed and arranged to receive transverse bars slots used. These support rods are so hung in a S-shaped edge profiles, which are also provided with corresponding notches that both profiles butt bump and then can be welded.

In accordance with fixable support rod are spaced according to the invention in this area of ​​the angled upper side panels slots which serve to receive the support rods. Another feature of the invention is that the access area to the side plates for the right angle, directly adjacent to this inaugural profile in the same plane as the lower part of the side plate just trained continuously runs straight up.