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Ideas for the bathroom

Setting up and designing the bathroom can be a real challenge for many. Especially in small bathrooms you have to plan everything very practically. So that everyone feels comfortable in his bathroom, here are a few tips for the furnishing of the bathroom and design options.

Use practical bathroom furniture

If you have little space and want a tidy bathroom, you should store all small parts as well as possible. For example, a towel shelf, a sink base cabinet and a mirror cabinet are suitable for this. If all small parts are well stowed away, it is on the one hand much neater and also when cleaning you save time, because the surfaces are not unnecessarily packed.

Textiles belong in the bathroom

Textiles belong in every bathroom, because they immediately make the cool and sterile room more comfortable. It is also very pleasant if, for example, after showering you step on a fluffy carpet instead of  the cool floor. Even those who are dissatisfied with their tiles can either cover the floor with sufficient bathroom mats or place a stone veneer on the floor. Towels should be neatly stacked on a shelf, or even stowed in a closet.

Thin Stone

The right storage

If you have little space in the bathroom, then the right storage of the bathroom utensils is the be-all and end-all. Sufficient hook strips or door hooks should be hung so that the towels can dry. A small stool can be purchased for removing the clothes. There are also shelves in which you can place baskets. These are quite large, offer enough storage space and the bathroom looks tidy.

Toilet accessories

Each toilet has a trash can, a toilet brush and a toilet paper holder. A small basket or a cupboard can be used to store toilet paper. This looks much better than  the plastic packaging with rolls  lying around somewhere.

Decoration in the bathroom

You can argue about decoration in the bathroom. Of course, it looks cozy, but too much decoration also hinders when cleaning the bathroom. If you still want to have it cozy, you can set up a few plants and maybe a few candles. Also pictures on the wall make a bathroom very cozy. You can also glue parts of the wall with so-called Thin Stone Panels. The tiles are then superimposed by a stone wall look.

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